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30 Inch Electric Smoker with Glass Door

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30 Inch Electric Smoker with Glass Door
30 Inch Electric Smoker with Glass Door
Regular price $254.99 USD
Sale price $299.99 USD

Why You'll Love It

Visible Smoking Process

Experience the essence of smoke with our low-and-slow digital smoking methods. Witness the magic unfold through glass windows and interior lighting, guaranteeing optimal smoking outcomes.

Easy Wood Chip Loading

Infuse brisket, ribs, and more with a rich, smoky flavor using wood chips in our electric smoker. The side loader simplifies chip loading for 2-3 hours of uninterrupted smoking, perfect for beginners and grillmasters.

Precise Temperature And Timer

Set it and forget it with our remote or digital control for easy smoking. Track temps accurately with the included meat probe. Enjoy stable heat from our reliable electric heating elements.

Robust And Insulated Design

Constructed with aluminum-plated plates and stainless steel components, our digital electric smoker ensures longevity. Its 3-layer insulated body maintains consistent heat for a dependable smoking experience.

More Details

Four Removable Racks

725 sq. in. space for versatility.

2 Rear Wheels & Back Handle

Move wherever you want

Adjustable Smoker Outlet

Control smoke levels for precise flavor.

Grease Tray

Collect dripping grease and smoker juices.

Drip Pan

Manage roasting drippings effectively.

Water Bowl

Enhance food tenderness by adding moisture.


What's The Difference?

Smarter Smoking, Better Beef

1 X Smoker Assembly
1 X Back Handle
1 X Grease Tray
1 X Smoker Box
1 X Water Bowl
1 X Drip Pan
4 X Cooking Racks
1 X Remote Control
1 X Meat Probe
2 X Screws
1 X Owner’s Manual

Assembly Instructions
Before commencing assembly, thoroughly inspect all parts and components for any damage or missing items. Should you have any issues or discover any missing parts, please reach out to our customer service team at support@eastoak.com.
• Some parts may feature sharp edges; consider wearing protective gloves during assembly if necessary.
• When using electric power tools, ensure the gear is set to the minimum to prevent damage to the parts.
• Assemble on a soft surface like a drop sheet or rug to prevent scratching.
• The handle screws come pre-installed on the smoker body. Exercise caution when unpacking and meticulously check the screws. If any screws are missing, please contact customer service immediately.
1. Stand the smoker upright and attach the handle (B) on the back using two M6*15 screws (L).
2. Insert the grease tray between the right and left decorative plates until it snaps into place.
3. Place the water bowl and smoker box in their designated positions.
4. Place the drip pan in the brackets on both sides of the smoker chamber.
5. Insert the cooking racks into the brackets on both sides of the smoker.

Maintenance Instructions
1. Clean rack supports, racks, water bowl, and drip pan with mild dish detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
2. Use a damp cloth to clean the interior frame, door glass, and exterior of the smoker. Do not use cleaning agents. Dry thoroughly.
3. After each use, wipe the door seal and inside seam with a damp cloth to preserve the seal's lifespan.
4. Take care not to scratch any surfaces inside or outside the unit to prevent rust or corrosion.
5. Do not clean any surfaces of the smoker while they are hot.
6. Clean the Smoker Box regularly to remove ash, residue, and dust.

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