Our Mission

Story About Us

We are a cutting edge brand that innovates and produces tech-enabled outdoor furniture, appliances, and adventure gear.

Our team members are passionate about relaxing and adventuring outdoors, and together we are driven to create uncommonly eloquent solutions for helping others to experience these passions as well.

East Oak’s mission is to innovate tech-enabled outdoor lifestyle products that bring light, warmth, comfort, & connectivity to families and friends in order to inspire unforgettable outdoor gatherings and adventures.

“Following our faith in amazing outdoor living, we firmly believe that outdoor products can be exquisite as indoor products.

Consequently, we invested tremendous time, effort, and money to create products that enable

people to live better lives and to embrace their inner explorer. ”

Leon, Cofounder EAST OAK


Patio Furniture

East Oak’s Patio Furniture Collection is crafted with the finest materials to provide durability and weather-resistance. Our sleek and elegant designs offer the perfect balance of style and comfort. We recognize the significance of creating a comfortable and functional outdoor area, which is why we provide diverse options, including outdoor shade, outdoor seating, and outdoor storage.

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