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BRASA Mini Tabletop Fire Pit

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Let's Roast Marshmallows!
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BRASA Mini Tabletop Fire Pit
BRASA Mini Tabletop Fire Pit
Regular price $74.64 USD
Sale price $75.99 USD

Why You'll Love It


Our BRASA tabletop fire pit offers 360° warmth with a 3.5 ft heat radius. Gather around, toast marshmallows, and watch the flames dance, creating the perfect atmosphere for bonding with your friends and family.


The Brasa mini fire pit carries superior triple combustion technology, burning smoke particles thoroughly. Our double bottom air inlets allow 135% oxygen intake, assisting a more robust burn.


Our one-of-a-kind design possesses hidden treasure. Depending on the fuel and the burning time, you can uncover three types of flames that are truly special and pleasant to watch. Join the game and challenge yourself to find all three of them! (We'll provide you with instructions - if needed)


After the fire pit cools down, you can remove the ashtray and effortlessly clear the leftover ash. A free carry bag is also included, so that you can take the warmth and fun anywhere you'd like.


The capabilities of Brasa tabletop fire pit go beyond the usage of a single fuel source. You have the option of burning wood or wood pellets. Even better, the accommodation of fuel types also enables you to unlock different types of flames.


The stand ensures that the bottom of your mini fire pit remains at a safe distance from your table, while the silicone insulation pad provides additional heat protection.

Assembly & Care

It is recommended to store the East Oak Brasa tabletop fire pit in a cool and dry place after each use. Additionally, it is advisable to cover it to minimize the risk of oxidation or rust when the tabletop fire pit is not in use.


  • Please always use the fire pit together with its accompanying stand and silicone insulation pad.
  • Do not light or relight the tabletop fire pit using gasoline, lighter fluid, or any other flammable liquids.
  • Please do not extinguish fire with water, as it may cause damage to the tabletop fire pit and users.
  • Please do not attempt to touch or move it while in use or before it has completely cooled down.

How to Get Various Flames

  • Daisy Bloom: Generally, you will observe the daisy bloom at the beginning of the burning process, whether the Central Air Column is installed or not. The fire would be only coming out of the air holes on the fire pit inner wall. Daisy bloom is present when tertiary burn has not occurred.
  • Flamenco Bloom: When you have the central air column installed, give it some time to heat up and for triple combustion to appear. You will witness fire coming out of both the fire pit inner wall and the central air column, creating robust dancing flames.
  • Lotus Bloom: Pre-requisite: use only wood pellet. It is not guaranteed that the lotus bloom will always occur. However, when it does, it would be after the flamenco bloom, when you are close to running out of your fuel. At this stage, fire would only be ejected from the central air column.

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